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Virtual Social Group Activities

Engage Master LEGO Builders in your team!

 Join a virtual "hands-on" workshop to see how creative and collaborative your team can be!

The LEGO is yours to keep. Click here for Virtual Class Info.

What the Social Group Say:

My feedback is that it was a really energising and positive experience for Ella.

I felt the instructional approach was great for building confidence (so many ways to build the same object), thought provoking (using memory) and very stimulating (got both sides of the brain engaged, mathematical and artistic).

I loved sitting in on the class, the facts about LEGO were awesome from my perspective and I learned a lot too!!

The class size was ideal for learning as in Gallery mode, we could see the others and their builds.  

Inspirational, as Ella kept building things for the next hour after the class closed just using the 72 bricks

Would I recommend it….YES! Would I love to see more of these…..YES from both Ella and I!  Yes we’d jump in again!

Michael NAB bank.